Refund policy in the event of circumstances not attributable to Global Knowledge Academics

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In the event of cancellation or modification of the format or date of a Conference due to causes not attributable to the organization, with unavoidable consequences despite acting with due diligence, Global Knowledge Academics shall offer registered participants the following alternatives, so that they may choose the one they find most convenient:

  1. Transfer the registration, […]

GKA conference cancellation disclaimer policy

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Global Knowledge Academics does not take responsibility for cancelling a conference due to circumstances not attributable to the organization which, despite taking all the care possible, are unforeseeable or inevitable. These situations may include, inter alia, acts and threats of war; conflicts or civil disturbances, hostilities, strikes or other labour disputes; natural disasters, fires; fortuitous […]

Can I publish without attending the conference?

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Yes. Both academic journals and books accept texts to be sent throughout the year, without having to attend any conferences. You can find more information about the publication processes in the Journals and Books sections.

How long might it be before my text is published in a book?

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The length of time varies. Once the text is received, it is reviewed by the Scientific Committee and after verifying that the rules of formal presentation are met, it is modelled (in books there is no peer review). As soon as the book has a publication date, we will announce it on our website and […]

How do you send the text for a book?

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  1. Adapt your text to the template (in English, Spanish or Portuguese) and verify that your article follows these guidelines.
  2. Send the file to publishing@gkacademics.com. Do not forget to include the title of the article, authors, university and country.
  3. Remember that once sent, with exceptions, you will not be able to make changes to the […]
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