Intellectual Dialogues of the 21st Century

This university book collection publishes compilations of academic articles, set out according to the theme, and is committed to innovation and progress in the field of research. The books from these new editorial proposals are multidisciplinary and aim to combine the rigour of academic research with the dissemination of knowledge, while always maintaining a perspective of responsibility and contribution to the community. All published texts are written in a rigorous academic format and deal with various topics, which are relevant to their communities.

The books are coordinated by a guest editor or coordinator. This figure – a member of the academic community who has excelled in their collaboration with our publisher – will gather texts from a specific thematic selection, and appropriate to topics of special interest within the community, in one book.

The contents of these books will be available in open access form from the moment they are published. That is, they will be available for download and free online reading. We will assign you a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license, which allows you to share the book as long as the original source is indicated and no derivatives are made or commercial use is made of it.

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