Intellectual Challenges of the 21st Century series

An academic series of essays containing deep and substantial thoughts on a specific aspect of the natural or social world, encompassing all branches of knowledge and fields of research.

The CHALLENGES series combines contributions to theory with the practical side of each field, covering both descriptive/explanatory and prospective approaches, put together in innovative books that aim to contribute to the dissemination of advances in a diverse range of sciences, and to promote research and international collaboration.

The authors of the books published in this series are professors and researchers with literary talent and a keen interest to communicate, as well as research groups that wish to disseminate the results of their work. The contents of this series are specialized while remaining accessible to readers with a broad general knowledge.

Details of the series

Intended audience:

Research groups that wish to publish a book in co-authorship –for example to present results from a research project.
Professors and researchers who wish to publish a book individually.

Publication criteria:

– We only publish high-quality, innovative, lucid and well-written work.
– The works we receive will be assessed by 2 reviewers. The review process may result in acceptance or rejection.
– We do not publish doctoral theses.
– We do not publish works under 100 pages or exceeding 500 pages in length.


For books of up to 300 pages in length, the editing and publication fees are €950 (for books exceeding 300 pages the publications department will prepare a custom quote).

If the authors request it, we will assign for free a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND open access license for the digital version of their books.

Included services:

– Editing and proofreading for spelling and typographical errors.
– Professional layout for the paper edition.
– Professional layout for the digital edition (ePUB).
– Custom cover, adapted for the paper and digital versions.
– ISBN and DOI registration.
– Delivery of 30 free paper copies to an address provided by the author.


– Amazon (paper and ePub versions)
The sale price will be defined by the author (for which, if desired, he will have the advice of GKA).


Authors will receive 80% in royalties from the sales of their books. They will be sent an email annually with a summary of their sales on Amazon, and when they accrue a minimum balance of €100 in royalties they may request payment by bank transfer or PayPal.

Before sending your file

Remember that the publication lead time may vary significantly depending on the book, and it will be possible to establish it only after our publications department performs a preliminary assessment of the file. However, the following guidelines can help expedite the editing and layout processes:

  • We only accept files in an editable format, such as Microsoft Word or Open Office.

  • Authors should avoid using complex Word functions (picture objects, automatic charts, bookmarks, etc.)

  • Authors must ascertain that their citations, diagrams, charts and maps are accurate.

  • All pictures, graphs and charts must have a title and reference the source. They must be clear, easy to view and placed where they are referenced in the text.

  • Bibliographic references in the text must be given in abbreviated format (Author, Year: pp.) and the full references listed at the end.

  • The list of bibliographic references must be placed at the end, in APA style (American Psychological Association).

  • Footnotes should have clarifying or elaborative purpose. Authors shall endeavour to keep footnotes to a minimum.

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