How to prepare your article

These are some of the requirements that all texts we receive must meet.

Download the template and adapt your article. Remember that once sent – with a few exceptions – you cannot make changes to the document.

  • Texts must be between 3,000 and 5,000 words long.
  • Texts must be written in the form of a story of continuous narrative in a chapter or article style.
  • Authors should ensure the accuracy of citations, diagrams, tables and maps.
  • Keywords must be clear and precise.
  • Only files in editable format, such as Microsoft Word or Open Office, will be accepted.
  • Manuscripts in PDF format are not accepted.
  • Bibliographic references within the text will be in abbreviated format (Author, Year: pp.), Leaving the complete reference for the final list.
  • Footnotes will be explanatory or expansive. Efforts will be made to reduce footnotes to a minimum.
  • The list of bibliographic references will be placed at the end, in APA (American Psychological Association) style.

Some articles may have excellent content but be poorly expressed in Spanish. This may be the case, for example, for authors whose mother tongue is not Spanish. We have an Editorial Service that can be hired by authors to improve their written expression. You can request a quote by sending an email to

Criteria of acceptance

Consult the table of criteria for acceptance of articles for books or journals and find out how to prepare the perfect article.

Understand the publishing process

After receiving your text, the guest editor will review the content and adaptation to the guidelines. Remember to send it in an editable format, that is, pdf is not accepted.

The publication has a management cost of €75. If you have attended the conference, the management fee will be reduced to €45.

Our editorial team will lay out your text before being published. We will only send it again in the case that clarifications or modifications are necessary on your part.

Once all the texts have been assembled, we will publish the book in open. It can be accessed through the Book Collection section.