Global Knowledge Academics

GKA is a knowledge-based organization, located at the Autónoma University of Madrid’s Science Park, in Madrid (Spain). GKA manages:

  • Annual international conferencesin English, Spanish and Portuguese in the world’s major cities.
  • Scholarly publishing:indexed journals and books, with high visibility and international impact.
  • Online knowledge networks, whose members exchange innovative ideas and best practices.

We aim to provide communication channels for quality academic reflection and open dialogues, making rigor and diversity compatible.

Our message 

Proud to be scholars!

There was a time when scholars –both professors and students– were highly respected and admired throughout society. We are committed to maintaining such social appreciation. Our conferences offer exclusive experiences, forums where ideas and good practices are exchanged in modern and interdisciplinary environments that stimulate free thinking and intellectual excellence. And, above all, we aim to make scholars feel… proud to be scholars.

Our mission

To develop and expand knowledge communities across the world using cutting-edge digital media. We are committed to creating a more accessible, open and reliable peer-review processes.

Our vision

Interdisciplinary thinking, global conversations, and inter-institutional intellectual collaborations. We aim to build bridges and shared spaces among different perspectives, experiences, knowledge bases, methodologies, diverse geographical/cultural origins and institutional affiliations.

Our values

Our channels

Our communities