JUL 20 - eng GKA VIRTUAL Find out how virtual sessions work and how to present a webinar at our virtual conferences. July 20, 2020 NEW: The books from DIALOGUES series are now available in print on-demand at Amazon. BOOKS July 20, 2020 Register as an attendee in a GKA Virtual Conference. GKA VIRTUAL July 20, 2020 Find out how to publish a book with us in the CHALLENGES series. BOOKS July 20, 2020 JUL 13 - eng NEW | We present our new Virtual Conference platform: GKA VIRTUAL July 13, 2020 WEBSITE New book available for download: Psyché y polis BOOKS July 13, 2020 Publish a book with GKA in the collection Intellectual Challenges of the 21st Century. BOOKS July 13, 2020 NEW: All articles published in GKA journals now have a DOI code. July 13, 2020 JOURNALS JUL 1 - eng WEBSITE NEW: Earn and save points on your MyGKA Wallet to spend on GKAcademics' conferences, books and journals. July 1, 2020 Welcome Portuguese speakers! Now you can navigate on GKA website in your language! WEBSITE July 1, 2020 Cedia and its members are now part of GKA's network of partner institutions. PARTNERS July 1, 2020 Highlighted Theme: Cinema as subversive art: avant-garde, resistance and rearrangements. GKA ARTS 2020 - Cadiz, Spain July 1, 2020

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We are an organisation committed to creating communities of theoretical and practical knowledge, bringing together scholars from all over the world to discuss a wide range of academic disciplines. These communities of researchers gather at on-site conferences and through GKA’s journals and books series – as well as virtually through virtual conferences – which we make available to you. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


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