About Us

Global Knowledge Academics aims to develop networks of theoretical and practical knowledges, bringing together scholars from all over the world to discuss about a wide range of academic subjects.

Traditional knowledge systems are characterized by strict borders —by disciplines, by professional associations, by institutions, and by countries. Global Knowledge Academics takes some of the challenges and key ideas of our time and builds knowledge networks that blur these borders. Sustainability, diversity, education and learning, the future of the humanities, the meaning of interdisciplinarity, the place of the arts in society, the connections between technology and knowledge, or the new role of the university, are very important aspects of our time requiring an interdisciplinary reflection, global debates, and international collaborations.

International Congresses

These knowledge networks of scholars are highly international and multicultultural, members come from all over the world. These international Congresses are forums devoted to the formal exchange of best practices and ideas, and welcome young researchers, postdocs, and graduate students, as well as leading scholars. Those who cannot attend the Congresses may prefer to submit a manuscript for review and possible publication in the associated scholarly journals.

Journal Collections

By participating in the congresses, the delegates can submit a manuscript to the associated collections of scholarly journals, which are interdisciplinary, inclusive, and open access. All the journals are double-blind peer reviewed, which enables authors to publish in rigorous academic journals with the highest quality standards. Only original papers written in English, Spanish or Portuguese are elegible for publication.

News and Social Networks

We are constantly posting brief updates related to the congresses and journals through the Facebook’s and Twitter’s pages of each community.